Our Brief History

Carbon Dioxide and Allied Products Limited (CDAP) was incorporated under the Companies Act 1984 on 15th April 2010 as a company limited by shares and CDAP registration number is 10463.

CDAP was incorporated with the objective of producing and selling of food grade carbon dioxide and its allied products from the fermentation of molasses in the production of ethanol at Ethanol Company in Dwangwa.

Why Us

Quality and Food safety compliance

The Company ensures that it delivers liquid Carbon Dioxide that does not affect customers health. This is done by paying meticulous attention to the product processes through good laboratory practices and robust monitoring.

Coca-Cola Authorization

The facility was authorized by Coca-Cola on 20th October, 2015. CDAP still remains a Coca-cola authorized supplier to date

Pepsi cola Approved Supplier

Carbon Dioxide And Allied Products (PVT) Limited is also an authorised supplier of Pepsi cola facilities.

Trusted By Big Brands

The following are the reputable beverage companies that CDAP has supplied its liquid Carbon Dioxide over the years.

  • Afrox Zambia
  • Afrox Malawi Limited
  • Reliance Energy
  • Castel Malawi Limited
  • Industrial Oxygen Malawi
  • Delta Energy Malawi
  • Mellet Enterprise, Malawi.